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I want to be more comfortable for everyone Smart Phone! ! !It is an application made by such feelings.---------------------------Greater than or equal to the number of 480 000 DL, boasting annual ranking # 32 AndroiderThe paid version of the book "to Saturday password" that!Support and enhance safety and convenience! ! !---------------------------
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---------------------------Certified Developer AndroiderVirus scan, this app is already permission check!You can rely on!
---------------------------Rather than a review, bug reports and other questions, please contact us via e-mail!This is because it is not possible to report here also want to review and reply to support it!developer.waiwai @
---------------------------In fact, has adopted military-grade encryption strength, the AES encryption standard of e-Government recommended!Even though it is high-spec high-speed operation is simple! That is the book to Saturday password.
Main functionFunctions and master passwordFlawless design and security, such as data storage is encrypted and• Adoption of a military-grade AES encryption strength of e-government standards and recommendedSupport of mushroom (AutoFill)Equipped with an easy to understand even for beginners HELPURL function and jumpFunctions and data import and exportPriority and stable operation than it looks!No any data loss due to crash!• Supports Amazon Kindle• Supports Nexus7• Supports 4.2 Android---------------------------
---------------------------Risk in the browser remember passwords full! ! !Passwords can not be migrated data when the model changes it! ! !Also fully compliant data migration model changePlease try the book to Saturday password! ! !---------------------------